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Southwest Airlines

Have you been planning a trip for quite some time but are confused about which airline you should choose for your travel? Well, this problem is faced by many but why worry when you have Southwest Airlines to take care of your travel needs?

Founded in 1966, Southwest Airlines is based in the United States. It is one of the largest airlines in the world which provides low-fare flights. Southwest airline has an extensive fleet that flies to roughly 121 destinations within the United States. It also provides flights to 10 other countries around the world.

Choose from a range of in-flight entertainment options

With Southwest Airlines, you can enjoy Wi-Fi while on the flight. All you have to do is pay a very nominal amount for the same. Now needless to say, with Wi-Fi available on board, you can stream movies, listen to any music of your choice and even use your messenger apps to stay connected while in the air!

To bring this amazing technology to its passengers, Southwest Airlines had a lengthy testing period. During the years 2009-2013, the airline dedicated its services to testing out Wi-Fi service and how it would be offered to customers at the time of flying. Finally, in 2018, the airline launched this service thus making its services indispensable to its passengers.

An extensive fleet for you to fly wherever you want

In 2022, Southwest Airlines recorded a cumulative fleet of 771 aircraft. The airline has always had only Boeing 737 jetliners in its fleet. However, it made exemptions to the rule in the 1970s and 80s when it leased some Boeing 727-200s and used them for commercial flying. With such a wide fleet of aircraft at its disposal, it is not surprising at all that Southwest airline offers you an array of flights flying to a plethora of various locations. Apart from its fleet, another noteworthy feature of the airline is the supreme quality of services it offers.

Get rewarded when you fly with Southwest airline

Back in 1987, the airline started a frequent flyer program. Within the program, passengers were assigned credits based on the number of trips they took each year. This program was later renamed Rapid Rewards in the year 1996.

The program was initially structured in a manner that assigned 1 credit point for every one-way trip. Once a passenger accumulated at least 16 credit points within 24 months, the airline awarded them with a free round trip. This on-the-house trip usually has a validity of 24 months.

Services of Southwest Airlines

Typically, Southwest airline offers economy-class seats, business-class and first-class cabins. However, the point to be noted is that while it may not offer as many levels of services as other airlines, it still offers multifarious services within each class. For instance, you can change your flight just ten minutes before your flight is scheduled or you can avail free non- alcoholic beverages while onboard. And if you are in the mood for some alcoholic beverage, you can get those too by paying a nominal amount of $6-$8. So, overall it’s a win-win if you are travelling by Southwest airline.

So, now you know that when you choose Southwest Airlines, you choose convenience,luxury and ample options for entertainment so your journey is consistently eventful and exciting!