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Emirates Airlines

Emirates started off in 1985 and within two years became one of the world’s major airlines. Emirates Airlines is known for having the most efficient wide-body aircraft that affords all luxuries on-board. The Emirates flights are made up of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s and fly to over 155 destinations that spans across 80 countries. You can make your Emirates flight booking on Yatra and enjoy world-class in-flight entertainment and hospitality. It is advisable to do your Emirates web check-in ahead of landing at the airport and also ensure you have checked the Emirates flight status by entering the departure and arrival dates or your flight number. It has 1500 flights from Dubai per week. 

Emirates Airlines Information

What started in 1985 as a company with just two aircrafts, grew over the years into one of the world’s leading airlines. Emirates Airlines has the largest fleet of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s in the world with flights to more than 155 destinations in over 80 countries. More than 1500 Emirates flights leave from Dubai every week for six continents. When you make an Emirates airlines online booking, expect world-class travel with wonderful in-flight entertainment, Arab-inspired cuisine, and an articulate cabin crew that will make your journey comfortable. 

About Emirates Airlines

Emirates has the most efficient wide-body aircraft with all the imaginable luxuries in the skies. There are so many things about Emirates Airlines that make it a class apart. The Emirates A380 First Class is as good as flying your private jet. Ensuring complete privacy behind closed doors and the privilege of fine dining where ever your prefer, aside from an on-board shower spa and a lounge bar only a brief walk away, you will be in the lap of luxury. Same with the Emirates Boeing 777 First Class where you have an enclosed first class suite like your private hotel room with access to technology like mood lighting, temperature controls, virtual windows apart from soft leather seats. The Business Class of Boeing 777 offers soft leather seats that can be entirely flattened with access to gourmet meals as you flip through your box set on the 23-inch HD TV. Aboard the A380 Business Class you can enjoy gourmet cuisine with great in-flight entertainment with the luxury of taking a stroll in the lounge. Even the Economy Class aboard Emirates feels like an upgrade, what with its plush seats and access to latest films and television shows. All Emirates fleet have in-seat power and free wi-fi, allowing you to even make calls on air. The on-board menu in Economy is a melange of regionally-inspired dishes you can complement with the choicest of wines. 

Unique features of an Emirates Flight Tickets

- You can order your favourite drinks on-board. Take your pick from over 20 spirits that are an assortment of premium brands including some that are exclusive to the airlines. Of course there are the classics of the likes of Cointreau, Amrula, Tesseron Cognac aside from a choice of 18 cocktails some classics and others contemporary. Aboard an Emirates First Class, indulge in the richness of an exquisite single malt, the Dalmore King Alexander III.

- ICE, the in-flight entertainment offers you the choice of up to 4000 channels to browse from. From playing a classic romance to making a playlist of your favourite songs, you are exposed to a world of movies, television shows, music and games in multiple languages.

- Get up to 20MB of free wi-fi in the first two hours of logging in. This will allow you to browse your social networking sites and send out messages with ease.

- Those travelling with children needn’t fret about air travel for on-board an Emirates flight your children will be well attended to. From serving up tasty, healthy meals, supplying them with toys and goodies, they are kept engaged and entertained through the flight. For young flyers between 2 to 12 years, you can pick from an assortment of baby meals and if you prefer carrying your own food, you can get the cabin crew to help you serve it and warm the bottles. There is in-flight entertainment for kids with access to children’s movies, television shows, music and games.

- There are special family check-in desks at the Dubai International Airport to ensure boarding for families first. You can check-in online in advance or simply drop off your bags about 24 hours ahead of your flight from Dubai.

- If your child has a special meal requirement, you can mention that at the time of booking the flight and the requested meal will be rustled up specially for your child on the day of flying.

- The Emirates in-flight dining menu will be made available a month before your date of journey.

- Emirates has exclusive first class lounges in over 30 airports across the world where you can indulge in a sumptuous meal, take a shower or conduct a quick business meeting. The First Class lounge at the Dubai airport has a full-service bar, a spa and a duty-free boutique to shop for luxury brands.

- The passengers of Business and First Class have the luxury of availing a complimentary chauffeur-drive service in more than 70 cities of the world. You just need to drop in the request in your Manage Booking page 48 hours ahead of your date of travel. 

Emirates Airlines Online Booking

Making an Emirates Airlines online booking is the simplest thing you can do. Begin by selecting the departure airport and the arrival airport. Further on, enter your date of journey followed by your preferred class of travel, and of course the number of passengers. After this, take your pick from daily and weekly flights that cater to more than 155 destinations across the globe. At this stage you can compare the different flights, their fares and if the timing is suitable to you. Emirates Airlines comes up with great deals and offers on its flights making it imperative to look for their ‘Best Price Guarantee’ before confirming your booking. 

Emirates Airline Web Check In

For a smarter flying experience, do an Emirates web check in before arriving at the airport to catch your flight. This will save you a lot of time as well as the hassle of waiting in a queue. Simply drop off your luggage, go through the security check and board your flight. There are two ways to do it on Emirates Airlines. Retrieve a booking by entering your last name and the booking reference number and say ‘Retrieve Booking’ or log in first if you are an Emirates Skywards member to be able to view and manage your upcoming trips and access the information you have already saved. You not only gain more time on your hands by checking-in online but can also choose a seat at no additional cost and get a print-out of your boarding pass. Or get a mobile boarding pass. Web check-in can be done anytime between 48 hours to 90 minutes of your flight’s departure. 

Emirates Airlines Baggage Allowance

The Emirates Airlines baggage allowance revolves around either the weight concept or the piece concept depending on the route on which you are travelling. The weight concept, however, applies to all routes barring destinations to and from the Americas and travel starting from Africa. For Economy Class, the limit is approximately 25 to 30kg depending on how much ahead you have booked. For Business Class, the limit is 40kg for all fare types, and for First Class, it is 50 kg for all fare types. You have the liberty of checking in as many pieces of baggage as you like considering the overall weight meets the maximum baggage allowance criteria. By the same token, an individual piece must weigh under 32kg in total. A baggage will not be accepted for check-in if its dimensions are over 300cms or 118 inches. However, in a piece concept the total dimension of a single piece cannot exceed 150cms or 59 inches. An additional fee is charged in case your by-piece baggage exceeds the said limit.